Facebook Messenger Launches Its First Game “Doodle Draw”

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

We’ve known that games were getting integrated into the chat service for quite some time but until now we haven’t had a chance to play with one. A couple of weeks back, Facebook conducted the F8 conference for developers where the company announced its plans for Messenger. The company announced that it will allow third-party developers to integrate more features within the IM application. Among other features, one that seemed interesting was the application’s ability to host games within the Messenger.

Now you can play the Doodle Draw game while chatting on Facebook Messenger. The game is available directly through the app navigate to this website. The game Doodle Draw can be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store on Android and iOS respectively. The game weighs 4MB and it will allow users to play the interactive game with their Messenger contacts.

Facebook Launches its First Messenger Game Doodle Draw


How To Play ‘Doodle Draw,’ Facebook Messenger’s First Game?

Doodle Draw for iOS and Android will be familiar to anyone who played Draw Something…because it’s a blatant copy of the 2012 flash in the pan mobile game that got acquired by Zynga for an exorbitant price ($183 million).

The game is available to download now from the App Store (iOS Users) and Google Play store (Android Users). After installing, you get a choice of which friends to play with. It works like Pictionary: The game gives you something to draw — say, a zombie — and after you scribble it onto your screen, it gets sent to a friend you’re messaging. If they guess what you drew, both of you get points. Rinse and repeat.

Facebook Launches its First Messenger Game Doodle Draw

The company was initially interested only in content creation tools like GIF and meme generators, but the new move indicates the social networking giant is open to other sorts of apps too. Rival mobile messaging apps like WeChat, Line and Viber have hosted games on their services for a while now as they offer another revenue stream and keep users engaged even when they don’t really want to ‘chat’.

All in all, your Messenger would be more fun to use now, provided there is not a new stream of irritating invitations and notifications.

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